Astronomy Job Ads

We are seeking a highly qualified candidate to examine and describe, both observationally and theoretically, the entire known universe. The ideal candidate will launch a vigorous research program in multiple fields of theoretical astrophysical research …

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Dog Meets Cat

Meet Monty, my brother and sister-in-law's cat:

He's a little siamese kitten - grey with blue (?) points (I'm new to this whole "point" thing). Very cute. Last weekend, we decided to introduce their kitten and my puppy. Both are about the same age: …

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How to Prepare a Mac for Astrophysical Research

  • Change to tcsh

    So, by default, OSX runs the bash shell at the command prompt. However, most astronomers tend to prefer tcsh. Probably this is because iraf expects tcsh. There are some excellent instructions on how to switch to tcsh at Mark Westmoquette's …

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    Casca Day 1

    Day 1 - Friday June 2

    Today was the first full day of CASCA. All of the galaxy talks were today, so it was the main day for me, science-wise. After an exhorbitantly expensive breakfast at the hotel with my roommate,

    (I've since found a Tim's) the day …

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    Airplane Anecdotes

    So, I've noticed that if one flies frequently enough, you start to encounter a wide variety of in-flight experiences - often related to the people who end up surrounding you in the cramped, uncomfortably-close environment for several hours. Today I …

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    A new addiction...

    I just discovered "Hem," and they're awesome. They're touring with my favorite band - Over the Rhine this summer. Hopefully I'll get a chance to catch them (both) in concert. I'm sure it would be an incredible evening.

    They have some mp3's to demo …

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    What a year...

    Well, I was going to blog this, but Josh beat me to it :)

    The only things I can think to add at the moment is Josh's Wisdom teeth-removal surgery.

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