Space: the Hot, New Vacation Destination


Apparently we're only about four years from regular passenger trips to space.

Blue Origin is developing a reusable, vertical-takeoff-and-landing rocket ship called the New Shepard - a name that commemorates the late astronaut Alan Shepard and his 15-minute suborbital space jaunt in 1961. It would be capable of flying three or more passengers to the edge of outer space and back, under the control of on-board computers.

They say it's a bit early to know how much a 10 minute trip would cost, but an initial guess is around $200,000 — 100 times cheaper than what New Jersey businessman, Gregory Olsen, paid for a round trip on a Russian Soyez. Granted - he stopped off at the International Space Station and his trip was longer than 10 minutes. But I'm optimisitic that there's a trend - maybe in 10-15 years, it'll come down by another factor of 100, and I'll be taking a space-vacation.

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