Dog Meets Cat

Meet Monty, my brother and sister-in-law's cat:

He's a little siamese kitten - grey with blue (?) points (I'm new to this whole "point" thing). Very cute. Last weekend, we decided to introduce their kitten and my puppy. Both are about the same age: ~ 5 months old. Before we adopted him, Badger was fostered in a house with three dogs and two cats. He had lots of company, and we were told that on pretty much day one, the cat "put him in his place." So, I wasn't really expecting that much trouble from Badger. Still, we were all a little worried that the dog would eat the cat.

So, immediately after being introduced, here's how Badger reacted:

i.e. by diving under the couch. It's probably worth mentioning that Monty's first reaction was to hiss and display his little fangs - his hair standing straight up in the process.

For a while, Badger just couldn't get far enough away - from this three pound (if that) cat that he could totally have eaten, if he'd tried (we're all glad he didn't).

The other funny moment came when Badger was sitting peacefully in his crate. The cat approached, and then - note the shift of Badger's position.

Later, it degraded into simple hissing and barking at each other, but the initial meeting was quite funny.

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Michelle Oct 16, 2006

Hay that's what my cat did when i introduced a pup on thursday past. Scrappy so far has yet to accept her. Could you please let me know the outcome of your experience with your cat and your friends dog. I hope it all went well and the situation became resolved.

Elizabeth Oct 31, 2006

Well, they only meet every so often at the common ground of grandma's house, but they do seem to be getting along better. we've left them both to their own devices for a while, and they've both started getting curious... they'll move closer then dart away and then repeat.

Overall, I optimistically foresee a happy coexistence in the future.