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yummy coffee

Beginning a few years ago, there have been a few projects – Rhino, Jaxer, more recently Narwhal – that proclaimed we were about to enter a golden era of server-side JavaScript programming. But the implementations always seemed to fall …

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Obscure Rails bug: respond_to format.any

I found an odd bug in Rails today. Odd, in the sense that it's not so much broken, as working in a way that's different than one would expect.

In a controller, one uses respond_to to present the appropriate response, as determined by the requested mimetype …

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Safari vs. Safari: label

Prior to version 3 (now out of beta in Leopard), Safari was one of few mainstream browsers that didn't do anything when the user clicked on a HTML input elements label text.

Most browsers treat a label-click as an element-click – that is, they …

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Web Design World Buzz

Ruby on Rails

The Web world has gone nuts for Rails.

I'm somewhere between early adopters and early majority (?) on this one, I've been working with Rails since just before the first Slashdot article on it (which was just a mirror for the ONLamp article) …

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