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Not-so-wondrous strange

I watched Stranger Things in a remarkable-for-me 4-day binge this past weekend. I had mixed feelings for the first episode, but it gradually won me over …

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The Wire; David Simon's quest; journalism and the city

Over the last three weeks or so, I watched the first four seasons of HBO's "The Wire", catching up in time to watch the fiifth and final season, which is airing now. The fifth season focuses on a fictionalized version of the Baltimore Sun and the role …

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TV: The Riches' quiet cell phone

I'm late – as always these days – to the show, but I'm very much enjoying FX's The Riches. The show involves a family of gypsies or travelers, who struggle to pose as a "normal" family in a wealthy, gated community in Louisiana. Overall …

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I want my iTV

This week, Apple announced a slew of new offerings: updated iTunes, including movies for sale, and a new vaporwarehardware product, called iTV.

Just a sliver shy of a year ago, Apple held a similar event, where they announced the video iPods and unveiled …

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