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Moving bits

Standing in our new flat, looking south-east

Shower spray

When we inspected the new flat, along with the building management, we noticed spots of water …

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Toronto Ruby on Rails

For the last – gasp – 11 months or so, I've enjoyed meeting local Rails enthusiasts at a local pub, for an event we call "Rails Pub Nite". But, in between Pub Nites, where do you go for help?

The core Rails mailing list is a little like …

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DemoCamp9 on Monday

I'll be in the audience at DemoCamp9 at No Regrets in Liberty Village on Monday.

I'm especially looking forward to Unspace unveiling Pursudo, because I've been hearing about it from Pete for the last few months.

I'm also curious to see what Floyd Marinescu …

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I'm planning to attend BarCampEarthToronto this weekend. The Crow-free "un-committee" appears to have put together a spiffy event. I feel like I'm still getting my sea-legs (work-legs?) but I'm already sorely anxious for some down-time. Hey - who knew? …

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CaseCamp - a marketing-themed BarCamp spin-off - inaugurated itself last night in Toronto. I got there stupidly late (thank you, public transport) but seem not to have missed much.

There's an excellent summary here. I found the case presented by Eli and …

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