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I remember, when I was just a little bit younger, feeling that anything (jet packs, colonies on other planets, alien species) was possible; and not only possible, but idling just around the corner. And, simultaneously, that there were mysterious

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Scarred for life

Until about six years ago, I was mostly a PC/Windows/OS/2/Linux kinda guy. Around that point, I got an all-Mac job, and gradually came to see the Mac as the perfect Web development platform.

Replacing the PCs at home has taken longer, but about a month …

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MySQL v. SQLite

Much of the Rails world is ga-ga for SQLite, but I've always had MySQL-something installed on my development machine for other reasons. Lately, though, those other reasons have been melting away, so I decided to try out SQLite.

I have a rather complicated …

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Credit, cell phones, and stupidity

It has been stupidly impossible to get Canadian cell phones.

When we arrived in Canada, this was one of the first things we sought to do at the mall. We dutifully went to every storefront & kiosk, and collected all their brochures, plans, and basic provider …

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Stupid @#$%ing Dreamweaver

This isn't likely to be particularly inspired; I'm just ranting here.

I'm getting sick of PHP.

I like PHP - correction, I used to like PHP. I started using it in 2000, when I worked for the Dispatch. It all started with a fairly basic request, "The …

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Using Digital Tools to Repair Analog Audio

This is a fascinating story about a new digital technique for reducing "warble" on old analog recordings. The audio examples are amazing...

Robert Siegel talks to Jamie Howarth about the next step in audio restoration: ridding analog-era sound of its …

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Things I Learned This Week

It's been a busy week, working on a fancy/complicated Web project. Here's a smattering of things I've learned:

IE7 breaks old assumptions about float clearing

I have been using a variant of ALA's Practical CSS Forms for years. It blew up in IE7; all the …

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Cool quote

On the other hand, just muddling along is expensive, dangerous, and depressing.

- From an interview with Bjarne Stroustrup, credited as the inventer of C++.

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Some Rails "Gotchas" for PHP Devs

Rails is weird, sometimes, for someone used to PHP. Things that have consistently stumped me longer than they deserve to:

"render(:text=>some_obj)" != "exit(var_dump($some_var))"
In PHP, I tend to use the latter as a quick debug …

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