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1,000 True Fans, give or take a few

Kevin Kelly has an interesting take on the challenges of being an artistic type in the modern, hyper-digital era:

Other than aim for a blockbuster hit, what can an artist do to escape the long tail?

One solution is to find 1,000 True Fans. While some artists …

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Peter Sagal on 'More'

This is an excellent essay by "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" host Peter Sagal on some disturbing trends in the evolving "American dream":

The American dream is constantly evolving. Fifty years ago, folks wanted a house with a white picket fence. Now, it's …

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Heavy weighs the head, indeed

We saw The Queen this weekend (at a packed house - I can't remember the last time we saw a movie on opening weekend.)

The movie focuses on the royal family in the wake of Tony Blair's election as Prime Minister through the death and mourning of Diana …

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Using Digital Tools to Repair Analog Audio

This is a fascinating story about a new digital technique for reducing "warble" on old analog recordings. The audio examples are amazing...

Robert Siegel talks to Jamie Howarth about the next step in audio restoration: ridding analog-era sound of its …

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The Great Good Place

The social scientist Ray Oldenburg talks about how humans need a third place, besides work and home, to meet with friends, have a beer, discuss the events of the day, and enjoy some human interaction. Coffee shops, bars, hair salons, beer gardens, pool …

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Immaturity rising

Maybe we're living longer, maybe we "never stop learning", but maybe there's a downside? This article suggests there's a loss of "psychological maturity" associated with our modern lifestyle:

While the human mind responds to new information over the course …

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The Day from H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks

In case you aren't up on your numerology... Today is June 6, 2006, or 6/6/2006, or 6/6/06, or just 6/6/6. If you're going to celebrate, just remember: Never summon anything larger than your head.

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