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What Can Be Fixed

In the middle of a NYT story on a deadly bombing in Iraq:

Many Iraqis, beleaguered at every turn, said they saw the bomb as an attempt to aggravate sectarian strife and as one more piece of evidence that the Americans could not protect them from extremists …

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Medal of Freedom Spin


Q: The President awarded the Medal of Freedom to George Tenet, among others, just a short time ago. It was Mr. Tenet who told the President that it was a slam-dunk case for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq . Has the President simply forgiven …

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Elmo Want to Kill You

Sesame Street's Elmo has new book, Potty Time with Elmo. But the book is scaring some toddlers, and their parents. The book has a computer chip that spices-up the story with comments from the beloved muppet. Elmo is supposed to say: Uh-oh! Who has to …

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Credit, cell phones, and stupidity

It has been stupidly impossible to get Canadian cell phones.

When we arrived in Canada, this was one of the first things we sought to do at the mall. We dutifully went to every storefront & kiosk, and collected all their brochures, plans, and basic provider …

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We (heart) Incredibles

Liz and I saw The Incredibles for my birthday. It rocked! I was hoping for more comic-book inside-jokes, but not a big deal. (I did notice that, for better or worse, the family powers seemed to duplicate the Fantastic Four. I'm not sure if that's a rip-off …

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Mistakes, accomplishments & responsibility

Dad and I were talking about Bush's mistakes and accomplishments last night.

This morning, I heard Bill O'Reilly say that one of Bush's major accomplishments was that there hadn't been another terrorist attack on the United States since 9/11.

I believe …

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Pop-culture critique

There's a weird vibe going around these days. On the TV, shows like Good Eats are promoting a "back-to-basics" kind of "take back our culture" fight, teaching us "normal folks" how to make foods that we (in America, anyway) have long given up as the …

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