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Language filter

One of the spoiling things about living for two years where you don't fluently speak the local language, is that the range of external communication you can safely ignore expands dramatically. In fact, my brain's ability to filter irrelevant conversations …

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Moving bits

Standing in our new flat, looking south-east

Shower spray

When we inspected the new flat, along with the building management, we noticed spots of water …

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Arguing the facts of the case

I've received a number of wrong numbers lately (moving always does this), but lately, the callers have begun to argue with me about the validity of their dialage. Something like:

Them: Hi, do you have Halo?

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First 2 Days

Quick Re-cap (or "How I Spent My Summer Vacation, 2007 Edition"): We left Toronto at the end of July, in an arduous weekend of painting, packing and more packing, spent August traveling around the midwest US (Kansas City, Indianapolis, Ohio) then up …

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Enter versus Return

Clearly a Utility Despite the clunky name, I'm quite fond of my Natural Keyboard Pro. It's the only Microsoft product that I've been consistently happy with.

Now that the move is in full swing, I'm getting used to being a primarily-laptop-keyboard-guy. The other day …

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We have arrived in Kansas City. We beat the truck here, it arrives later today. It feels a little like being trapped in limbo, waiting for the truck to arrive.

We'll be here through the 14th. Drop me a line if you're in town!

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We made it!

So far, so good. (Famous last words, but...)

We're in Columbus, Ohio for a day of car repairs. Then off again on Tuesday for the long drive to Kansas City. It was a long day, but things went pretty well: good weather and a nice agent at the border.

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On the road, again

We're moving!

Yes, again.

In about two weeks, we'll be hitting the road again, leaving Toronto for further adventures. Specifically, to spend some time with friends & family, then on Sept 4, we fly to the Netherlands, where we'll be taking up residence …

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Guy movies, round n+1

As is my tradition when Liz is away exploring exotic locales and I am left to my own devices, I have checked out a few recent "guy movies" that I missed in theatres.

Last night, I watched "A History of Violence", where Viggo Mortensen defends his boring …

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