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"Dark Knight" sucked

The American media got all hyperventilated when "The Dark Knight" came out there back in July, but there was comparatively less enthusiasm when it was finally released in the Netherlands around September or so. Still, when I saw it was scheduled to go …

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Mini-Review: Hot Fuzz

London's best cop makes the rest of the bunch look bad, so they ship him off to a sleepy village, which suddenly develops a crime wave. Tough-guy cop has to work with/against local bumbling cops to bring down the bad guys.

I loved Shaun of the Dead

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It's a cliche, but...

Today is Canada Day, the Canadian answer to the 4th of July in the US. (I still occasionally get friends or relatives in the states asking me if they have the 4th of July in Canada. Yes? No? Not exactly? Still not sure how to answer that one...)

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Mini-review: The Invisible

Summary: Teenage angst runs amok.

No, really, that's it. The studio sold this as a creepy, supernatural mystery story a-la Sixth Sense, but it's not.

As a supernatural mystery, it might have, at least, been interesting. As a teenage angst story, it's …

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Heavy weighs the head, indeed

We saw The Queen this weekend (at a packed house - I can't remember the last time we saw a movie on opening weekend.)

The movie focuses on the royal family in the wake of Tony Blair's election as Prime Minister through the death and mourning of Diana …

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We (heart) Incredibles

Liz and I saw The Incredibles for my birthday. It rocked! I was hoping for more comic-book inside-jokes, but not a big deal. (I did notice that, for better or worse, the family powers seemed to duplicate the Fantastic Four. I'm not sure if that's a rip-off …

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The Unincredibles

Mike "Office Space" Judge has a new movie, Idiocracy. It sat on a shelf for two years, and now it's been released in six cities, none of which are New York.

Luckily, one of them is Toronto, 'cause I saw it tonight. And laughed my future Oscar-winning …

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Truth, Justice... and all that stuff

We saw the new Superman movie over the weekend. It was... okay. Maybe not even that good.

Now, the disclaimer here, should probably be that I've never really been a fan of Superman, or Batman, for that matter. I have fond, childhood-tinged memories of …

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