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On the origins of the crisis

CJR has a fantastic interview with Michael Hudson on the origins of the financial crisis, and his background reporting on poverty issues becomes extremely relevant. It's one of the best resources I've seen, with about a dozen links to background stories …

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Love Thy Neighbor


I had covered the groundbreaking of the minaret — the first to be built in St. Louis. The mayor had been there to praise pluralism and throw a little dirt around for the cameras… Now I wrote a second story, which was maybe twelve column-inches …

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The media in Iraq

Here's an interesting survey about the demographics and opinions of journalists currently working in Iraq. CJR has a good summary; I find their intro paragraph fascinating:

A new survey of twenty-nine Western news outlets with reporters working in Iraq …

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On coverage

From CJR:

That shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, since coverage of the Schiavo case has consistently skewed toward the emotional over the factual. And that has been to the advantage for those who want Schiavo kept alive. Most stories feature dueling …

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