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Geeking out (part 2)

More on the changes to D&D in 4th edition:

Dungeon Master's Guide

  • The 4th edition Dungeon Master's Guide takes it's name literally: it's genuinely full of extremely practical advice for actually running a game.
  • Page 42 is the best new thing in 4th …

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Geeking out (part 1)

Magical d20 by kirk lau

So, there's a new version of Dungeons & Dragons out, just released a few weeks ago. I got the new 4th Edition D&D books this week, and I'm reading them at a rapid pace. I'm trying to keep track of things that have changed …

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On the need for game criticism

Greg Costikyan has been saying this for a decade or more, but this is well-written at least:

The truth is that, for the most part, we don't have anything like game criticism, and we need it — to inform gamers, to hold developers to task, and to …

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Video band

Apparently this video is from a Cal vs. Washington State college football game played on November 3rd:

As a former band geek, and present gamer geek, I have to say, this is awesome.

(Seen at Costikyan's PlayThisThing)

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GenCon in Indy

One thing I can't help wondering while I'm at GenCon, is the extent of it's impact on the host city. Per ICv2:

The show has now become the #2 show in Indianapolis in attendance and economic impact, according to a city spokesperson.

I wonder what the #1 …

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Wilderness of Mirrors

Last week's game night, we tried out a new game, and my first time GMing in almost two years. The game is "Wilderness of Mirrors" last year's GenCon release from John Wick (though it's sort of unreleased at the moment, but it seems you can email/PayPal …

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You got some niche in your Eye

Sony's unbearably compelling CCG, played with the upcoming Playstation Eye peripheral - may be the most niche product ever conceived. A constructible deck card game that requires a custom camera and a six hundred dollar gaming console to interpret it …

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