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Is this thing on?

I'm contemplating starting to blog more regularly. Trying this on for size.

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As of about 15 minutes ago, the blog engine here is a brand new rewrite of what was before. The new system may not look much different on the surface, but it's all new underneath — and hopefully a lot easier to make gradual improvements, going …

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Love Thy Neighbor


I had covered the groundbreaking of the minaret — the first to be built in St. Louis. The mayor had been there to praise pluralism and throw a little dirt around for the cameras… Now I wrote a second story, which was maybe twelve column-inches …

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"Agile sucks! Google rocks! ymmv"

My mind has been chewing on this blog post from Steve Yegge for about a week now. I think I finally figured it out.

It's not that I have a horse in the methodology race (though I'm fond of "agile" for it's "manifesto-like properties" and general non-

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Meet the new blog

I've been wanting to re-do the blog in Rails, since well before the recent re-design. It was one of those "Oh, I want feature X and Y, and Liz really wants to do Z, but... Rails..."

So, rather than add feature X or Y or whatever to the existing PHP site …

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Rant: No "About" Blurb

I'm no longer reading any Web site or blog that doesn't offer an "About Me/Us/This Site" page or section or blurb or something that eludes to the notion that (a) human being(s) made the site for a purpose.

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Respect the Designer

From Jason Santa Maria's blog:

Do you ever wonder why designers have trouble gaining respect while helping clients understand the importance of their services? It's this mentality (from the LogoYes site):

In just a few minutes, you can build an original …

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