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Christmas Duds

I am wearing some new clothes today; gifts from Christmas from Liz's mom, and that makes me think about Christmas Gifts That Are Duds. (Get it, punny, hunh?)

Bad Gifts: Given & Received

There are, I believe, three categories of Bad Gifts: "I Like …

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Home-ish again

Place still doesn't feel quite "home" yet, still too new, but we're there, anyway.

I ate some chicken fingers/tenders and french fries for lunch today. I'm on my way to solid, crunchy foods! Yeah!

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Stage 2: A little better, a little worse

More pain today, and very stiff, but I was able to eat more things, and got out of the house longer. Crashed hard, mid-day, until I got a much needed nap.

Day 2 Consummables:

  • Scrambly eggs
  • Panera Bread Broccoli Cheddar Soup
  • Mac & Cheese (Kraft Dinner to …

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Stage 1: So far, so good

Surgery is two hours done. My whole mouth is numb. Apple juice, creamy yogurt, watching The Incredibles. Typing this. Should know more later.


Day 1 Consumable:

  • Yoplait "Whips" (whipped yogurt, very smooshy)
  • Pudding
  • Beef broth
  • Chocolate milkshake

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On the road again...

We're off.

The goal is Madison and wisdom teeth removal (for me). Since we pretty much have to drive past Ohio either way, we thought we'd leave a little early and visit Liz's family in Columbus.

So, we're off today for Columbus. There through Sunday …

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Alive and... mostly well.

Moving is stressful. Immigrating moreso.

Full update still to come, but we are here and — aside from a few niggling issues — we are up and crawling. Internet connectivity (touch wood) may come tomorrow.

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Off line

Getting telephone service in a foreign country sucks. (See previous example.) I've called Bell Canada a few times now (I think we're up to 5). We can't get phone service on day 1 because the previous tenant went with some other company. So they have …

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