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BrowserCam via Fundable

Two great tastes that go great together…

Erm, I mean, ummm…

I'm working on another new web project, and I've discovered that my BrowserCam membership has expired. So, I created a new project at Fundable.

Fundable has a great setup for BrowserCam: pledge $25 US and get 'complete' access to BrowserCam: 12 months of Unlimited access to the Capture service and unlimited access to 30-minute Remote Access sessions on Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

This is normally a $500 purchase for 10 users. Fundable has setup an arrangement with BrowserCam where 20 users can get this deal. For the cost of a one-day access to BrowserCam, you get a year's access to this fantastic service.

So, go drop $25 in the bucket, will ya?

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Chris Dolan Oct 18, 2007

Nice timing! I recently returned a borrowed PC and was contemplating either getting a cheap PC or buying WinXP for Parallels just for IE testing. This is cheaper than either approach and a lot less administrative overhead.