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Mini-Review: Hot Fuzz

London's best cop makes the rest of the bunch look bad, so they ship him off to a sleepy village, which suddenly develops a crime wave. Tough-guy cop has to work with/against local bumbling cops to bring down the bad guys.

I loved Shaun of the Dead (and own it!), and that was enough to get me into the theatre for this.

I saw this the week of the school shooting at Virginia Tech, and the movie has quite a lot of gun violence. I imagine it would have been disturbing, if I hadn't been able to interpret it as a sort of meta-criticism of the gun culture on display in the vast majority of cop movies, or the States in general.

Liz and I still get chuckles out of some lines from this movie ("Yeearrrp").

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Joshua Jun 5, 2007

Excellent point! I had suspected something like that, while watching it.