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Grandma on the Answering Machine

I've noticed that we leave messages from our grandmothers on our answering machine for ages. Months go by before we can bring ourselves to delete Grandma. Sometimes, it's because of the actual content of the message, but usually it's just because it's Grandma.

Does this happen to anybody else?

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Chris Dolan Apr 10, 2006


Parmeter Apr 11, 2006

Yeah, I am also guilty to hanging on to messages from relatives I don't hear that often from.

Matt Haffner Apr 14, 2006

Not me, but Kristina...

She still has a message on our machine from Dec 2000 when her mom called to impatiently ask if Jonah was born yet (as if we wouldn't call her... :b). We were just about to head out the door to the hospital.

So if you were wondering about the longevity of whatever storage memory they use in "modern" answering machines, it still sounds like she left the message yesterday, 5.5 years later.