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Kilt Meets Boy

Freshman year, Adam Grauer and I went with Liz Boyd to Chicago for Easter. We snapped some really great photos, and I scanned them in and devoted a section of Webland to emabarrassing Liz, but those pictures were lost in one of the many hard-drive reformatting sessions of this summer. But that's not the point of this story.

The three of us were sitting around talking about high school proms. As it turns out, Liz skipped her school's prom to go to Formal with a close friend at a school in Canada. It was a private school, and all the guys there wore kilts to the formal. Adam and I shot each other a glance, and said (almost in unison) "We have got to do this!" We thought for awhile, and decided that Homecoming would be the perfect opportunity.

We started planning early, and, when it came time for the dance, we drove down to Cleveland Costume. We brought alone my date, Elizabeth Hedrick, to serve as fashion consultant. (We're guys, we don't understand "matching" and these kilts are plaid .) Anywho, Cleveland Costume was an amazing experience; wall to wall to wall to wall to back room — this place was covered in costumes.

When I told people I was wearing a kilt to Homecoming, everybody wanted to see the pictures.

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